Community Partnership

The Workforce Alliance Partnership for Placement (WAPP) is inclusive of all students, organizations, small businesses, and community leaders who desire to participate with the Hardin County Board of Education and Hardin County High School in discovering common sense pathways towards employing more students before and after graduation.  There is no financial obligation for businesses who would like to participate.  However, we do offer opportunities for companies who wish to support the vision for an immediate brighter future for high school graduates in Hardin County with several sponsorship levels.


While budgetary figures have been allocated by the Hardin County Board of Education towards the position of Director of WAPP, there are numerous activities and opportunities associated within the program that benefit the students which require additional funding.  In an effort for continued support, we have designated two levels of sponsorship.

A base sponsorship is a minimum $250 donation.  At this level, WAPP may include your company logo on WAPP related marketing and promotional materials including the website.  As a sponsor, we may also include your positions of availability or desired candidate information on the WAPP website.

Organizations and small businesses who desire to support WAPP at its full potential may do so with a minimum donation of $1,500 for the first year and a $1,250 donation annually thereafter.  At this level of sponsorship, small businesses and organizations may also receive a landing page built on the WAPP website along with a professional video produced and published that describes the opportunities, vision, and applicable skills desired of your company.  Overall, your company will be prioritized for promotion, scheduling, and positioning at career days.

Get Involved

WAPP holds quarterly meetings which are beneficial for current and potential community partners.  Meeting information including dates, times, and location are listed on the WAPP website at  These are open meetings and anyone is welcome to attend.

If you are inquiring about sponsorship, we look forward to speaking with you directly.  Please contact our Director of WAPP, Lonnie Miller, by e-mailing him at

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